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The Trinity Of Knowledge Momentum


Knowing is something very mysterious. How do we “know” a knowledge? Why do we know? When do we know Knowledge? How a person gets to “know” the “knowledge” and become “knower” is quite explainable. Why only Newton could discover gravity and Einstein could discover Relativity when it existed right from the day when the universe was created.

How can you explain Einstein grasping the theory of relativity which could be proven only after decades by experiments? How does one explain the creation of a beautiful song that touches the heart of millions? How does one explain the emergence of a leaders that captures the imagination of millions.

Often people consider knowledge as something that has its independent identity. Knowledge Momentum is believed to be something that can be expressed in words. The expressed knowledge is also called “explicit knowledge”. There are other forms of knowledge that only resides in the mind of the person and can not be expressed in words. This knowledge is called “implicit knowledge” or “tacit knowledge”.

The tacit knowledge is difficult to express in words, therefore, it is often called “knowing” as only the person who has this knowledge is the “knower” of this knowledge. An example of tacit knowledge is “to know how to walk”. Every person and indeed every specie knows how to walk. Yet this knowledge is difficult to be expressed in words. If you ask a person how he walks, he would simply reply that he desires to walk then all the limbs of the body work together to produce the action of walking automatically. Same is true with the action of speaking, sleeping or eating. We don’t even know,

how we pronounce a word?

Tacit knowledge can be learned as well as inborn. You don’t have to teach a child to walk, or a fish to swim. It simply knows it. However, other such tacit knowledge comes from experience like motor driving, speaking, thinking, wringing, and typing.

Yet if asked, man can attempt to explain, what he “knows” in words and make the “implicit” knowledge “explicit”. Only when the implicit knowledge gets converted to words, it becomes explicit and only this form of knowledge is understood as “knowledge” while the tacit knowledge is called “knowing”. Tacit knowledge is the act of “knowing” something hence the person who knows it is the “knower” of the knowledge.

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