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Steinberg Cubase 9 64Bit Full Free Download

An Affordable Entree into the World of Cubase

There’s never been a better time to step up to the big leagues of audio production. The entry-level Cubase Elements 9, despite its modest price, is everything the budding songwriter or producer needs to craft marketable hits at home. This DAW suite transforms your Mac or PC into a world-class production environment, streamlined for new users, and complete with inspiring virtual instruments, smart compositional tools, and a rich palette of audio FX. It’s no mystery why Cubase is preferred by professional artists across the globe — from prolific film composer Hans Zimmer to scene sweethearts Chvrches. And with its latest features, Cubase Elements 9 is giving even the top DAWs a run for their money.

New Features in Cubase 9

Mix and edit from the same window with the Lower Zone

Laptop and single-screen users will enjoy Cubase 9’s Lower Zone, which provides access to the MixConsole and your favorite editors without leaving the Project window. Mix, edit, and process your tracks in whatever layout feels natural.

Build loops & phrases with Sampler Track + Caleidoscope

Cubase 9’s integrated sample editor, Sampler Track, chops-and-screws any piece of audio for building loops and one-shots on the spot. Pitch-shift vocals and filter beats directly within the editor to create your own remixes and mash-ups. And if you’re just getting started, Cubase 9’s Caleidoscope sample library has hundreds of samples and presets baked right in.

Keep your work competitive with the new Maximizer

The overhauled Maximizer plug-in keeps tracks at a competitive level. The clean new look makes Maximizer easier than ever to adjust. Features and modes — the transparent Classic mode and contemporary Modern mode — are intuitively placed on the front panel.

Protect sessions with Plug-in Sentinel

Audio folks go to great lengths to protect their systems from malware and corrupted plug-ins. But even today’s internet-free, dedicated audio system, is subject to infection. Plug-in Sentinel eliminates pre-project anxiety by scanning for invalid or harmful plug-ins at startup.

Packed with Powerful Production Tools

Track performances IRL, or craft songs ITB

Whether you capture audio in the real world or generate it in the box, Cubase 9 is the DAW to use for seeing your projects from concept to completion. Recording engineers will appreciate Cubase 9’s advanced routing and bouncing options. And songwriters and composers of all backgrounds will enjoy its streamlined interface and satisfying virtual instruments

Shape audio with a full-featured FX suite

Everything you need to shape, mold, and mangle your audio is at your fingertips with Cubase. Version 9 includes a full suite of audio effects with rich features and streamlined interfaces. Fatten drums, tune vocals, tame brass, and texture guitar layers natively, without spending extra on third-party plug-ins.


Steinberg Cubase Elements 9 DAW Software Features:

    • A powerful, affordable entree into the world of Cubase
    • All you need to create marketable music at home
    • Perfect for budding audio engineers, songwriters, composers, and conductors
    • Capable of recording audio in future-proof 32-bit/192kHz quality
    • Lower Zone lets you mix and edit from the Project window
    • Sampler Track sample editor creates loops and one-shots from any piece of audio
    • Overhauled Maximizer and other plug-in GUIs speed up workflow
    • Plug-in Sentinel protects your system against invalid plug-ins
    • Chord Assistant suggests chords for your verses, choruses, and bridges
    • Groove Agent SE 4 Drum Machine provides old-school beat inspiration
    • Integrates seamlessly with all Steinberg and most Yamaha hardware
    • Simultaneous playback of 48 audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks
    • Supports up to 24 physical in and outs
    • 3 virtual instruments and 16 VSTi slots to build textures inside the box
    • 44 audio FX plug-ins to mold and shape sounds to your will
    • 1,045 included instrument sounds

Updated: November 7, 2018 — 8:30 am

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