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Clone Hero Songs Download

At clone hero songs download, you will find out best hits for clone hero. All you need to do is download the songs from download links given below, add them in the game and start playing!

Before you download the clone hero songs, you should go through this little introduction about clone hero game and its features.

Clone Hero Game Features

Clone hero is a clone version of the original guitar hero game. The clone hero is very popular among the guitar hero fans as well. Actually, clone hero provides much more than the guitar hero. Because additional features are added to the clone hero game, that’s why it engages the players of guitar hero too.

If you are a guitar hero fan as well, you should give clone hero a try. Probably, you will never want to go back to guitar hero.

The clone hero game is completely free! The developer of this game does not aim to earn money from the game. Actually, he is doing for the community of guitar gamers. The team of clone hero is aiming to build a brand game of clone hero.

It will come up with the new brand name and it will be developed from scratch. But, it may take several years of time.

Particularly, one feature of clone hero game that has become so much popular and that brought a lot of new players to the community is the custom “meme tracks“. Such custom charts and songs are pretty amazing.

Many big names are engaged with the game. One of them is Jason Paradise; many fans of the game followed him and joined the clone hero community. Many users created their own custom tracks for clone hero.

One of the best tracks comes from “helvian” who is the creator of medley meme track in the clone hero game.

Clone Hero Songs Download

The best clone hero songs are added in the following spreadsheet.


You can find out more amazing clone hero charts with the even bigger list at clone hero charts.

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