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Clone Hero Live Download

Looking for clone hero live game? Here, you can find out download links for clone hero live for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. Before you directly download the game, here is what you should know about the game features and history.

Clone Hero Features

Clone hero is developed by Syrlain, the game is a clone of original guitar hero game. The developer has made clones of many popular games. But, clone hero is much better than the guitar hero.

A lot of guitar hero fans who joined the clone hero community do not want to go back to the guitar hero game. The clone hero live is absolutely free. The developer does not make money from the game and he has no intention for it yet.

He is more concerned about the clone hero community having the great gaming experience with clone hero than the financial possibilities from the game. They are also planning to launch the brand version of this game in the future.

A lot of clone hero players in the community are requesting more advanced features in the game. The clone hero game has a great reputation among the community and management team of clone hero is also very supportive.

So, in the recent news, the management of clone hero game has mentioned that they are planning the clone hero brand with its development from scratch, so the game will come up with new brand name, assets and charts and it will be available for users in the coming few years. Also, it is noted that this is a big venture and it will take a lot of time.

Clone Hero Live Download

Here are the download links for clone hero live:


Find out best controllers for game at clone hero guitar. You can download clone hero live from the above-given links. If you face any difficulty in the installation process or adding the custom charts in the game. You can comment below your query and our team will provide you the appropriate solution instantly.


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