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Clone Hero – Download the Game, Add Songs and Charts

Clone hero is a rhythm game based on the famous Guitar Hero game. It is made by Srylain and it incorporates various elements of Rock Band and Guitar Hero III. Some top features of the game are simple songs installation, community support, streamer friendly, and unlimited songs storage based on your SSD/HDD size.

In this post, we have included everything you need to know about clone hero including the download links for clone hero for PX, Mac and Linux, best clone hero charts and best clone hero songs etc. So, here you go!

clone hero

Clone Hero Songs

The best thing about clone hero game is that you are able to simply and quickly add the custom made content to the game. Clone hero does not come with pre-installed songs, so what you need to do is find the library of best clone hero charts. You can easily find out custom charts to play on clone hero. The community of clone hero is very supportive, so, it is not hard to get started with clone hero game.

To make your job easier, we are recommending you songs to get started with here at clone hero songs. In order to install these custom charts, you just have to drag the chart files to the clone hero folder in the game setup.

Moreover, if you have custom charts, you can enjoy the game much more. The above link contains a lot of data to pick from. Our recommended clone hero songs will definitely meet your needs.

Clone Hero Download 

This section includes the download link of official clone hero game. But, before you directly go with the download, here is something you should know about clone hero game.

The Guitar hero sales were slowed in the final years of the game. However, there is a community who still has a great interest in the game and they are interested to play the game with the different type of charts specifically with the fret rhythm.

In the past few years, the community has opted different solutions to continue the game as the guitars and consoles started to die. They tried to create the mod of Guitar hero and also tried different solutions but they were not successful in achieving the results.

However, finally clone hero game came into the ground and it offered the fans much more than the Guitar Hero. The game started off with amazing features including clean backgrounds and user interfaces, fast load time, unlimited storage area for songs and everything is free of cost.

The clone hero game also includes the art assets of GH due to which the game face some legal questions and hence these assets are likely to be taken out from the clone hero game.

All things considered, the game developers have included the familiarity of guitar hero particularly for the returning players of the game. This is the reason a lot of people get engaged with the clone hero game because when you see the game it looks familiar to the Guitar Hero game.

You can download the game for pc, mac or Linux operating system from Clone hero download.

Clone Hero Guitar 

A lot of people are searching for a suitable guitar for clone hero game. Well, let me clarify that the clone hero can even be played without actual guitars such as using the game console controller or a simple keyboard. But, having a guitar controller gives you the better pleasure of the game.

You can try out 5 fret controller or 6 fret controllers for clone hero. Moreover, any controller for guitar hero can work out for you, but the Windows and Xbox allow you to utilize you the controllers of XBox360. The wired guitar controllers won’t need extra things.

You just need to plug in the wire of controller and start playing the game. If you are looking to buy actually guitar controllers, you can consider buying from eBay. Here you can find out great deals of used guitar controllers as well as new ones.

If you are still unclear about the best guitar controller for your system, you should know that any controller that works on Guitar Hero can work out for you. Xbox360, Xbox one controllers are recommended by a lot of people who are playing the clone hero game.

Moreover, the PlayStation controllers can also work out, but there are some issues you can face while setting up the system. If you configure everything, it can also give you a great pleasure. We do not recommend going with Wii controllers, it is because these controllers can result in lag problems so it can ruin your game.

According to the experts within the clone hero community, we have created the list of best guitars that can be found on clone hero guitar. In this link, you will find out different options and these will surely help you make your decision.

Clone Hero Update 

Are you looking for the latest update of clone hero? Well, clone hero has proposed the latest version of v0.21.6 that came up with many updates. Overcoming various issues in the previous versions, the game offers many more features as well.

You can download the latest updated version of the clone hero and can read more about the features of the updated version here at clone hero update.

When big names from Guitar Hero started playing this game, a lot of fans joined the clone hero community. The game is growing faster and its latest version v0.21.6 has released without any pre-installed songs and still, the game got thousands of downloads. There is no doubt that the fans are enjoying the game much more than the Guitar Hero.

Download Clone Hero 

You can download clone hero game for free. The game does not come up with pre-installed songs, so you just have to find out the clone hero charts to add in the game and you can simply find out these charts in our above-given link. So, after you get the songs charts, you just need to install them in your clone hero game.

A great thing about the clone hero game is that it supports the custom songs, you can drag and drop the files in the songs folder available there and you are done. There is not any complex system involved. Playing the game with your favorite songs doubles the taste of your game.

The clone hero game supports advanced chart features including the Open notes, Broken Sustains, Solo section, and HOPO chords. Using clone hero game, you can go with thousands of custom songs without any bandwidth limits. The updated version of clone hero came up with enhanced practice mode.

Clone Hero Charts 



There are three main charting programs used by the clone hero fans. First one is Moonscraper, this chart was specifically was made for clone hero including the features of whistles and nifty bells.

It incorporates extended sustains, mouse, and keys placement modes, charter mode, solo section cues, export song.ini, and drop and drag feature. Some of the best clone hero chart programs with the detailed list of popular charts can be found on clone hero charts.

Clone hero game proposes the story sequence which ties in with Career mode, as the game has been available in the most recent GH games. In the Smash Hits, clone hero fans are challenged by “God of Rock” for playing at different Wonders of World keeping in mind the end goal to charge the powerful artifact.

Similarly, different challenges are included in the game to add more pleasure to the players. These challenges in the game let the players earn the stars to go to the next level. When you play clone hero game, you need to add your own custom charts in the folder available in the game. You can find out top clone hero charts in the above-given link.

Clone Hero Songs Download 

The clone hero game is actually a clone of original guitar hero game, but, now the clone hero is being considered a top place to play the guitar hero games. But, the only problem is that the game does not come up with songs pre-installed in it.

So, the clone hero users need to find out custom songs to install in the specific folder available in the game setup. After finding the song charts, users can add these songs in the game and can enjoy the game with their own favorite songs. This is actually better than playing the game with random songs.

Clone hero songs with the game fans are growing day by day. We searched for best clone hero songs and found an amazing spreadsheet which includes the great list of clone hero charts. You can also get access to that spreadsheet here at clone hero songs download.

Clone Hero Mac 

Clone hero game is supported on the Mac operating system but you need a specific guideline about how to install clone hero in your Mac system.

Here I will show you how to download and install clone hero on Mac since the game is officially supported by Mac operating system now, which is pretty exciting and I will also show you how you can add songs in the game and how you can download some drivers that you need for your xbox360 guitar hero controllers, so with all that out of the way let’s get right into this.

The first thing you need to do is go to the below link and you will see a mega link which will basically link you to the clone hero download and you can install it according to the steps mentioned in the given link.

So, visit clone hero mac for a detailed guide about how you can download and install clone hero game in your Mac operating system.

Clone Hero Live 

Indeed, even clone hero supports limited hardware; the game has got a popular fan base. Clone hero game has gained more downloads than huge competitors of the game and it is developing quickly. At present, the game network is generally comprised of Rockband and Guitar Hero fans who are disappointed with the absence of new options in the game, yet there is no reason behind why the huge number of previous Guitar Hero fans would not return to play Guitar Hero.

To play the clone hero game, you first need to download the game.  The download links are given at clone hero live. You can download the game for Windows, Mac or Linux.

The game basically played on Windows but can also be played on Mac and Linux operating system as explained in the following sections. Moving forwarding, to install the game on your system, you need to download the linked file and then extract the file into your preferred folder. When you extract the file, the game setup will be prepared.

What makes the game best than the other competitors is that users are eligible to quickly add the custom songs according to their preferences. So, if you want to play the clone hero. You need to add the custom songs in the folder there.

The process is simple; you can drag or attach the songs in the game. Finding the custom songs is very simple. You can find out hundreds of amazing pieces on our website. In the previous sections, we have provided links to best clone hero songs and charts.

Download the Game 

You can download clone hero game for your PC, Mac, or Linux operating system from the links given below.


Clone Hero Windows 64Bit

Clone Hero Windows 32Bit

Clone Hero Mac



After downloading the clone hero game from the above-given links, you can simply install the game, add your own custom songs, and can enjoy the game! If any download link doesn’t work or you face any difficulty in installing the game in your system. You can comment below about your query and we will instantly provide you an appropriate solution.




Here is everything you need to know before you select your clone hero guitar. Well, any guitar can work to play the clone hero. However, some give you better control and pleasure than others.

If you go with Wii guitars, they will need some tinkering. PS3 guitars for clone hero works great, however, you just need to set up buttons in the game control. Moving forwards, 360 guitars are also best clone hero guitars, and it does not need any configuration or tinkering that is the reason a lot of players recommend the 360 guitars.


clone hero guitar


Best Guitars to Play Clone Hero 

With respect to other stuff you need, PS3 guitars simply require a specific dongle for them. Wii guitars require any sort of Bluetooth receiver. 360 controllers require a wireless receiver that works with any controller of 360 and if you want to go with a PS2 controller, it requires an adapter.

Moreover, a lot of people also recommend Xplorer on the grounds that they did not need any adapters, receivers or dongles. So, it is the best option if you don’t want to have adapters, receivers, and dongles with a controller. Also that it comes with great buttons and essentially the best strum bar of all guitars alongside PS2 guitars. The following best thing is the Les Paul that is pretty common among the game players.

These guitars have great buttons and strum bar. However, these guitars have some issues like neck being too loose, however, it is not so much an issue since there are simple fixes for such issues. You can also consider WoR and GH5 guitars, despite the fact that I don’t like its rubber strum bar.

I strongly recommend not to go with the RB and Avoid World Tour guitars, because these guitars will give you very bad experience. These guitars have strum which easily breaks that is the reason clone hero players don’t want to consider this guitar for clone hero.

Clone Hero Controllers 

All things considered, we recommend 360 dongles for clone hero. Other than that any guitar hero guitar will work out. Here are some other recommendations:

  • Wii and Rockband guitars.
  • World Tour and Guitar Hero Warriors of Rock guitars
  • Guitar Hero 3 Les Paul
  • Guitar Hero 2 Xplorer


Hope this help you select best clone hero guitar for you! Download the latest updated version of the game from clone hero update. If you still need any guidelines about above-mentioned guitars. You can comment below. We will try to help you out.




Clone hero charts are not difficult to find at all. You can easily find out clone hero charts at different forums of clone hero as well as in facebook groups, and at the web. We have researched different groups and forums and found an amazing set of clone hero charts that will surely meet your needs.

clone hero charts

Clone Hero Charts Download 

The clone hero charts are included in a spreadsheet given below. You can find out your favorite clone hero songs there.

After you find your favorite clone hero charts, the next thing is to add them in the clone hero game. This process is very simple. All you need to do is, first of all, download the latest version of clone hero game. You can download the latest version of clone hero game from clone hero download.

Moving forward, after you have downloaded the game, you need to install the game in your system. Finally, you will have the option to add the songs to the songs folder available in the game. You need to select your desired chart and add it in the game.

Clone hero game does not come with the installed songs or charts. The users need to find out custom charts to install them in the game. It is actually a better feature because having your own favorite songs in the game gives you the better pleasure of the game.

So, you just need to find out your favorite clone hero charts from the list given in the form of the spreadsheet below. When you click the download option available there, you will be linked to Google Drive from where you will be able to download the clone hero songs or clone hero charts.

Clone Hero Charts Spreadsheet


Find out more charts at Clone Here Songs. Share your thoughts about these clone hero charts in the comment section below. If you want us to add your favorite songs on this list, you can comment below with details and we will try to add them in the spreadsheet.





Looking for clone hero download link of latest version of the game? Here is everything you need! Clone hero gain popularity when the big names started playing the game. Along with these big names, a lot of fans joined them. The game has presented only a few versions but it has already gained popularity among the guitar hero games. Clone hero game has thousands of downloads.

Clone Hero Info

If you are also looking for a download link for clone hero game. You are the right to place! We have added the download links of the latest version of clone hero for PC, Mac, and Linux operating system.

You may know that the game does not come with already installed songs, so the clone hero players are forced to find their own song charts and add them in the game. As you may expect a skew towards metal and rock genres, yet if you can think about some standard pop songs, there is a great possibility you can easily find its chart. Moreover, you can find out charts for everything such as from Enrique Iglesias’ to Finish Eurovision winners Lordi and pirate metal band Alestorm.

You can also find out a chart of Abba Medley, however, a frustrating absence of the High School Musical works of art. The community of clone hero helps to download these songs through different options and mostly via Google drive.

Let’s discuss the creation of some popular clone hero charts. It is important to note that Helvian worked on a complex project. Such as, after he watched popular play Chop Suey! by the System of Down and also gaining motivation from the YouTube Poop style recordings, helvian took Serj Tankian shouting “table” and he inserted it at different points in that song, bringing table memes that would turn into the reason for endless future meme charts.

From that point forward, helvian’s songs have been transformed into well known YouTube recordings by the different streamers around the community. After that, different charters also worked on the meme songs in the style similar to the helvian. At this point, it is right to say that this is one of the big reasons why clone hero game become so much popular. These videos at youtube are getting views in millions, and are an ideal method for getting into the game scene. So, Memes and Through the Tables was a great starting point of clone hero game.

Be that as it may, now clone hero fans are taking the custom songs idea significantly further. A big name in the community Jason Paradise has gone to the consideration of different musicians, with the Matt Heafy who is the lead artist of a metal band. Download clone hero from the below link:

Clone Hero Download 

The download links for clone hero game are given below:


If you want to download clone hero for Mac operating system, you can find out clone hero download link and installation guide at Clone Hero Mac.






Looking for clone hero live game? Here, you can find out download links for clone hero live for Windows, Mac, and Linux operating system. Before you directly download the game, here is what you should know about the game features and history.

Clone Hero Features

Clone hero is developed by Syrlain, the game is a clone of original guitar hero game. The developer has made clones of many popular games. But, clone hero is much better than the guitar hero.

A lot of guitar hero fans who joined the clone hero community do not want to go back to the guitar hero game. The clone hero live is absolutely free. The developer does not make money from the game and he has no intention for it yet.

He is more concerned about the clone hero community having the great gaming experience with clone hero than the financial possibilities from the game. They are also planning to launch the brand version of this game in the future.

A lot of clone hero players in the community are requesting more advanced features in the game. The clone hero game has a great reputation among the community and management team of clone hero is also very supportive.

So, in the recent news, the management of clone hero game has mentioned that they are planning the clone hero brand with its development from scratch, so the game will come up with new brand name, assets and charts and it will be available for users in the coming few years. Also, it is noted that this is a big venture and it will take a lot of time.

Clone Hero Live Download

Here are the download links for clone hero live:


Find out best controllers for game at clone hero guitar. You can download clone hero live from the above-given links. If you face any difficulty in the installation process or adding the custom charts in the game. You can comment below your query and our team will provide you the appropriate solution instantly.




Clone hero game is officially supported by Mac, Linux and Windows operating system. To install clone hero in Windows operating system is pretty simple. However, many users find it hard to install the clone hero game on Mac.

clone hero mac

Download Clone Hero For Mac 

Moreover, adding songs on clone hero if you are using Mac is also complex than the other operating systems. So, in this article, I will show you how you can download clone hero mac and how you can add the custom charts in the game folder.

As the game is officially supported on Mac, so you just need to follow the guideline about the installation process of the game in the Mac operating system. First of all, you need to download the latest version of game from the download link given below.

This link will direct you to the download option from where you can download the game.

Moving forward, there is a proper installation process that you will need to follow. I have added a tutorial video of how you can download and install the clone hero game on your Mac operating system. Also, the tutorial contains information about how you can add your favorite songs in the game folder after you successfully install the game. So, here is the tutorial:

If you have watched the video, you must be able to install the clone hero game on your Mac system. Now, you may be concerned about finding the top clone hero songs. We have researched for top charts and found an amazing list of clone hero songs. You can get access to that spreadsheet file here at clone hero charts and clone hero songs download.

Final Words 

If you have any problem while installing the clone hero on your Mac operating system, you can comment below your query with details and we will instantly provide you its solution. So, have your say about clone hero mac!



Looking for best clone hero songs? Here you will find a great list of best clone hero charts. If you are a guitar hero fan, you should consider playing the clone hero game. The game aims to become a better platform than the original guitar hero game.

Clone her seems pretty interesting than the guitar hero game. I have tried to play clone hero with Steam Controller and amazingly, the game actually works very well. However, my total lack of game skill is very evident that while playing the game, I have not faced any difficulties and everything worked smoothly.

Advising my fingers to move that rapidly resembles turning on the bulb and figuring out what you require before it is really lit, and I can also positively acknowledge that it is so cool to have diversions like this that the game can also be played on Linux operating system. This is very noteworthy in fact!

The game makers are also considering enabling the online multiplayer option. However, it is clear that this feature requires a lot of work and time. Some other advanced features will also be included in the game.

Download and Install Clone Hero Songs 

Coming to the clone hero songs, well, you may already know that the clone hero does not support the pre-installed songs in it. Due to which, the game users need to install the custom clone hero songs in the folder available there. So first of all, you will need to find out the best clone hero songs.

Finding the clone hero songs is not difficult, the community of clone hero game is very supportive. You can find out amazing clone hero charts in the different forums of the game. To make your job easier, we have added an excel spreadsheet of best clone hero songs. The spreadsheet includes the best clone hero songs, clone hero charts with the downloadable links. Find live version of game at clone hero live.

So, what you need to do is just download the clone hero songs from the links given below. Then, open the game and attach the downloaded charts in the folder of clone hero songs. This procedure is pretty simple. Find the clone hero songs below!

Here is the excel sheet of clone hero songs with downloadable links:


If you want to get access to more songs for clone hero game, you can find out here at clone hero charts.

Have your say about these songs. Also, you can let us know your suggestion. We will try to edit the above spreadsheet to add more songs. If you want to download the latest version of the game, you can find out from clone hero download.




At clone hero songs download, you will find out best hits for clone hero. All you need to do is download the songs from download links given below, add them in the game and start playing!

Before you download the clone hero songs, you should go through this little introduction about clone hero game and its features.

Clone Hero Game Features

Clone hero is a clone version of the original guitar hero game. The clone hero is very popular among the guitar hero fans as well. Actually, clone hero provides much more than the guitar hero. Because additional features are added to the clone hero game, that’s why it engages the players of guitar hero too.

If you are a guitar hero fan as well, you should give clone hero a try. Probably, you will never want to go back to guitar hero.

The clone hero game is completely free! The developer of this game does not aim to earn money from the game. Actually, he is doing for the community of guitar gamers. The team of clone hero is aiming to build a brand game of clone hero.

It will come up with the new brand name and it will be developed from scratch. But, it may take several years of time.

Particularly, one feature of clone hero game that has become so much popular and that brought a lot of new players to the community is the custom “meme tracks“. Such custom charts and songs are pretty amazing.

Many big names are engaged with the game. One of them is Jason Paradise; many fans of the game followed him and joined the clone hero community. Many users created their own custom tracks for clone hero.

One of the best tracks comes from “helvian” who is the creator of medley meme track in the clone hero game.

Clone Hero Songs Download

The best clone hero songs are added in the following spreadsheet.


You can find out more amazing clone hero charts with the even bigger list at clone hero charts.




The latest version v0.21.6 came after the recent clone hero update. Overcoming the different issues in the previous versions specifically in v.21.5, the latest version of game fixed many issues.

You can download the latest updated version of the clone hero from the links given at the end of this post.

Clone Hero Update Highlights 

Here are the highlights of clone hero update:

  • The game has fixed issues related to starpower, such as issues within disjoint chords and starpower awarding.
  • The game has fixed the issues in displaying the new high score
  • The game has fixed where clone hero game would save the highest speed in a song was played. It includes even if the achieved score was not best at that play speed.
  • The game has fixed the issue of songs that starts wildly wrong offsets in certain culture configurations, eg. Denmark.
  • The game has fixed of songs played at wrong speed in the certain culture configurations.
  • The game has fixed the midi forcing bug with the force notes.
  • The game has fixed the midi forcing bug on the songs having zero tick length force notes.
  • The game has fixed issue of midi charts while their loading.
  • The game has fixed the 6-fret practice mode lefty flip.
  • The game has fixed the disjoint chords that aren’t working in different places at the 6-fret game mode
  • The game has fixed the issue of black screen on the selection of song.
  • The game has fixed the issue of low difficulty score that are overwriting the higher difficulties.
  • The game fixed the issue of result screen where the charter icon didn’t work in the results screen.
  • The game has updated 6-fret open note hopo texture so that it can match the latest textures of hopo.
  • The game fixed the bug where profile deletion could corrupt the other profiles of players.
  • The game fixed the issue of solos that were not giving the right bonus with the disjoint chords.
  • The game has updated the unity to 2018.1.8f1
  • The game has changed the note tails so that the held sustains will be of the correct length.
  • The game has fixed the bug of 6-fret ui icons where the icons would not work when the first player drops out.
  • The game has cleaned the code of sound effects playback.
  • The latest update has included more charter icons.
  • The latest update included the sound effect of the song fail.

Download Clone Hero Updated Version 

Download best custom charts from clone hero songs. Here are the download links of the latest version of the game with clone hero update:





Download clone hero with latest updated version. You can find out download links of clone hero for Windows, Mac, and Linux in this post.

The game is getting more popular day by day. Before you download clone hero, here is what you need to know about the game.

Clone Hero History 

Clone hero is the game which is the clone of the original Guitar Hero. But, amazingly clone hero offers you much more than guitar hero. The game comes with many advanced features while developers of game aim to make it best guitar game in the market.

With the support of the community, the game developers added so many features that are not available in the guitar hero. So, if you are a guitar hero fan and try to play the clone hero. Possibly, you will not want to go back towards guitar hero.

Some of the major features of the clone hero include chart modifiers, better practice modes, setlists, video backgrounds, and custom songs etc. With a lot of features, clone hero will give you best pleasure of guitar games. Main features of the game are described in detailed at Clonehero Home The best thing is that the game is free to play, stream with no strings attached. Just download the game, add songs and start playing!

Srylain is the developer of clone hero game. The developer has a history of making the enhanced clone of original games. Srylain has also made the clone of Tetris, Bomberman and Pac Man with the modes of online multiplayer.  He started working on guitar games in 2012, after working on different games he failed.

But, finally, in March 2017, Srylain started working on clone hero game. This game has been proved as a great success. Moreover, he is still working on the development of the game and he is going to make a brand change in the game.

This is actually a community-driven project with the best support from a community group. The game has evolved from various unsuccessful projects into the enhanced version of the game. All things considered, it is amazing progress to get into something after facing many challenges.

Download Clone Hero 

The clone hero fans are growing day by day. Most guitar hero players are engaging with the clone hero game. You can download clone hero game from the links given below.

If any of these links expire or does not work. You can let us know the problem in the comments section below and we will instantly update the links. Find recent updates of the game at clone hero update. Download clone hero game and enjoy!





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