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Download Clone Hero Game Latest

Download clone hero with latest updated version. You can find out download links of clone hero for Windows, Mac, and Linux in this post.

The game is getting more popular day by day. Before you download clone hero, here is what you need to know about the game.

Clone Hero History 

Clone hero is the game which is the clone of the original Guitar Hero. But, amazingly clone hero offers you much more than guitar hero. The game comes with many advanced features while developers of game aim to make it best guitar game in the market.

With the support of the community, the game developers added so many features that are not available in the guitar hero. So, if you are a guitar hero fan and try to play the clone hero. Possibly, you will not want to go back towards guitar hero.

Some of the major features of the clone hero include chart modifiers, better practice modes, setlists, video backgrounds, and custom songs etc. With a lot of features, clone hero will give you best pleasure of guitar games. Main features of the game are described in detailed at Clonehero Home The best thing is that the game is free to play, stream with no strings attached. Just download the game, add songs and start playing!

Srylain is the developer of clone hero game. The developer has a history of making the enhanced clone of original games. Srylain has also made the clone of Tetris, Bomberman and Pac Man with the modes of online multiplayer.  He started working on guitar games in 2012, after working on different games he failed.

But, finally, in March 2017, Srylain started working on clone hero game. This game has been proved as a great success. Moreover, he is still working on the development of the game and he is going to make a brand change in the game.

This is actually a community-driven project with the best support from a community group. The game has evolved from various unsuccessful projects into the enhanced version of the game. All things considered, it is amazing progress to get into something after facing many challenges.

Download Clone Hero 

The clone hero fans are growing day by day. Most guitar hero players are engaging with the clone hero game. You can download clone hero game from the links given below.

If any of these links expire or does not work. You can let us know the problem in the comments section below and we will instantly update the links. Find recent updates of the game at clone hero update. Download clone hero game and enjoy!

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