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Clone Hero Update – Everything You Need to Know

The latest version v0.21.6 came after the recent clone hero update. Overcoming the different issues in the previous versions specifically in v.21.5, the latest version of game fixed many issues.

You can download the latest updated version of the clone hero from the links given at the end of this post.

Clone Hero Update Highlights 

Here are the highlights of clone hero update:

  • The game has fixed issues related to starpower, such as issues within disjoint chords and starpower awarding.
  • The game has fixed the issues in displaying the new high score
  • The game has fixed where clone hero game would save the highest speed in a song was played. It includes even if the achieved score was not best at that play speed.
  • The game has fixed the issue of songs that starts wildly wrong offsets in certain culture configurations, eg. Denmark.
  • The game has fixed of songs played at wrong speed in the certain culture configurations.
  • The game has fixed the midi forcing bug with the force notes.
  • The game has fixed the midi forcing bug on the songs having zero tick length force notes.
  • The game has fixed issue of midi charts while their loading.
  • The game has fixed the 6-fret practice mode lefty flip.
  • The game has fixed the disjoint chords that aren’t working in different places at the 6-fret game mode
  • The game has fixed the issue of black screen on the selection of song.
  • The game has fixed the issue of low difficulty score that are overwriting the higher difficulties.
  • The game fixed the issue of result screen where the charter icon didn’t work in the results screen.
  • The game has updated 6-fret open note hopo texture so that it can match the latest textures of hopo.
  • The game fixed the bug where profile deletion could corrupt the other profiles of players.
  • The game fixed the issue of solos that were not giving the right bonus with the disjoint chords.
  • The game has updated the unity to 2018.1.8f1
  • The game has changed the note tails so that the held sustains will be of the correct length.
  • The game has fixed the bug of 6-fret ui icons where the icons would not work when the first player drops out.
  • The game has cleaned the code of sound effects playback.
  • The latest update has included more charter icons.
  • The latest update included the sound effect of the song fail.

Download Clone Hero Updated Version 

Download best custom charts from clone hero songs. Here are the download links of the latest version of the game with clone hero update:


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